Distinctly Baptist
Independent, Fundamental, Unregistered, King James, 
​Soul winning, Gospel preaching, Missions minded, Christ honoring, Family oriented, Bible believing.
Church Services
Sunday School     10am
Sunday Preaching    11am & 6pm
​​Wednesday  Bible Institute    7pm
Thurs Bible Study/Prayer   6pm
​​Saturday Evangelism     11am​

​"Bring your family to join our family as we worship
​and serve the Lord together"
Davenport, Washington
Historically Baptist
Having a biblical lineage that goes far beyond a parent church to the Waldenses & the Albigenses of old, and ultimately to the very first church in Jerusalem.
Strong Faith Makes...
​Strong Families 

  In the Bible, we see that Almighty God ordained​ three separate 'institutions' for the benefit of mankind. The family, civil government, and His churches. God, family, country- if you will.
   The family is the core that holds our country together, and a strong biblical faith in God is what holds the family together.
   In this day and age, the family unit is under attack more​​ than ever before and the faith which once held it together is virtually nonexistent anymore.  It has been cast by the wayside and is why so many families are in trouble.  That is why the majority of families in America are plagued by such things as divorce, abuse, neglect, infidelity, and rebellion.
    ​A rebuilding and re-instituting  of solid scriptural values in the family will begin the process of mending and healing as people get saved and turn to the Lord their God.
   That is what we, at Stedfast Baptist Church, are all about. Helping to build strong, closely knit families that worship and serve the Lord together.  We truly believe that 'the family that prays together, stays together'.
   We invite you and encourage you to come join us and give your family that solid foundation that is build upon the Rock of our salvation so that your house will stand against the storms of life when all else is crumbling around you.​

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Strong Families Make...
​A Strong Country

The​​ American family is the foundation of our country. The biblical faith and traditional values that once held the family together are what made our country what it is today.
    The sad truth is that our country is falling apart because the family has fallen apart.  What was once unthinkable 2 or 3 generations ago is not just​ tolerated today but embraced and called normal.  God warns against this when He says, "Woe unto them which call evil good and good evil."
   For our nation to​ once again become great we must return to the scriptural principles and precepts it was founded upon.  And, for that to happen we believe we must begin to see revival in the heart of America...it's small towns.

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